industrial digital crane scale match with wireless functions/rotatable hook

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Aluminum diecasting alloy housing
Super bright 5 digit LED display with 40mm height
Infrared remote control with total function: holding, taring, returning to zero, etc.
Selectable units: kN, lb, kg
Powered with maintenance-free 6V/4.5Ah lead-acid rechargeable battery
Optional wireless palm indicator, bluetooth APP, rotated hook

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Capacity: 1t ~15t
Accuracy: OIML R76
Time to stable reading: <8s
Maximum safe load 150% F.S.

Limited overload 400% F.S.
Overload alarm 100% F.S. +9e
Operating temperature -10°C~55°C

Product Description

JJE digital crane scale, which is a aluminum alloy one with fixed hook and shackle, has been in the market for over 5 years.
Thanks to their compact design, this crane scale just slightly reduce the lifting distance of the crane and makes them suitable for lifting and weighing the load.
Being a ease of use and reliable performance hanging scale for industrial weighing, it meets the basic requirement of the customer in a more economical cost.
As a professional one, the capacity of this electronic scale ranges from 1000kg to 15000kg, has safety load 150% F.S. and limited overload 400% F.S.
This model can be upgraded to match wireless indicator (obtain the weighing data through wireless transmission, the scale body and the indicator is separate in places) and bluetooth APP. (check with manufacturer if you need the test version of the bluetooth APP, or search in the app store ‘Blue Arrow Weight’ for iso users)
Configuration with rotated hook, enable user to weigh the goods and move the load more easily.
Available CE RoHS test certificate and test report. What’s more, the adaptor is fitted with LVD EMC RoHS and LVD EMC RoHS test report.

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crane scale with indicator
compact design crane scale

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