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  • Welcome to InterWeighing (Nov. 22-24, 2023)

    Official Fair Name InterWeighing 中国国际衡器展览会 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition Venue 上海新国际博览中心 W5、W4 展馆 Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), Hall W5, W4 ( 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China ) Fair Dates & Opening Hours November ...
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  • Crane Scales and Heavy Weighing Equipment

    Crane Scales and Heavy Weighing Equipment

    Industrial crane scales are used for weighing a hanging load. When industrial needs are concerned, very heavy, sometimes bulky loads are involved which are not always easy to place on the scales for determining the exact weight. Crane scales represented by a variety of models, with different rang...
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  • Technology boosts industrial weighing: electronic crane scales enhance operational efficiency and precision

    In modern industrial production, accurate and efficient weighing equipment plays a crucial role in quality control and production process optimization. With the continuous development of science and technology, electronic crane scales, as a new generation of weighing tools, are gradually being wi...
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  • International Cooperation and Global Placement of Weighing Instrument Manufacturing Industry 2023

    The scale manufacturing industry is an industry with broad prospects and great potential, but it also faces a complex and changing international environment and a fiercely competitive market pattern. Therefore, scale manufacturing enterprises should formulate suitable strategies for international...
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  • The 134th Canton Fair opened on 15th October

    The 134th China Import and Export Fair opened yesterday in Guangzhou. This session of the Canton Fair in the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors are record high, to the number of overseas buyers will also have a substantial increase over previous years. This year’s Canton Fair to ...
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  • Technical features of electronic crane scales

    Electronic crane scale belongs to the electromechanical integration of equipment, as a precision electronic weighing tool, the accuracy of its weighing is very important, too large a deviation will seriously affect the smooth operation of the work. However, any electronic product is difficult to ...
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  • Weighing errors and future development trends

    Measurement error control countermeasures In practice, the reason why the scale measurement error, in addition to the impact of its own quality, and personnel operation, technical level, etc. have a direct correlation. First of all, the comprehensive quality of the checking personnel affects the ...
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  • Exploring the attribution of crane (hanging) scales(III)

    Looking at the current International Recommendations on Weighing issued by the International Organization of Legal Metrology, I believe that International Recommendation R51, Automatic Subtesting of Weighing Instruments, called a “truck-mounted scale”. Vehicle-mounted scales: This is ...
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  • Exploring the attribution of crane (hanging) scales(II)

    Exploring the attribution of crane (hanging) scales(II)

    A few years ago I heard that an expert wanted to prepare a product standard on “dynamic crane scales”, but for some reason it was not introduced. In fact, according to the application of the crane scale will be simply positioned as a nonautomatic scale, there are many practical proble...
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  • Exploring the attribution of crane (hanging) scales

    Exploring the attribution of crane (hanging) scales

    Are crane scales automatic or non-automatic scales? This question seems to have started with R76 International Recommendation for Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments. Article, stating “free-hanging scales, such as hanging scales or suspension scales”, is finalized. Furthermore,...
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  • Measurement, knocking on the “future door” of scientific and technological innovation

    Is the electronic scale accurate? Why do water and gas meters occasionally run out of a “huge number”? Navigation while driving how can real-time positioning? Many aspects of daily life are actually related to measurement. May 20 is “World Metrology Day”, metrology is like...
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  • Understanding of “Zeroing Accuracy and Zeroing Error

    R76-1 International Recommendation for Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments makes zero point and zero setting a very important issue, and not only sets out the measurement requirements, but also the technical requirements, because the stability of the zero point of any weighing instrument is the ba...
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