Development Trends of Electronic Scales

Electronic weighing scale want to have a good development prospects must have a strong system function, only to meet the current industrial and commercial needs, in order to have a good development prospects. By analysing the development of electronic weighing products in recent years and the needs of domestic and foreign markets, the total development trend of electronic weighing is miniaturisation, modularity, integration, intelligence; its technical performance tends to be high rate, high accuracy, high stability, high reliability, and its a brief introduction.
1. Miniaturisation: small size, low height, light weight, i.e. small, thin, light. In recent years, the newly developed electronic platform scale structure fully reflects the development direction of small thin light.
2. Modular: for large or very large carrier structure, such as large static and dynamic electronic vehicle scales, etc., has begun to use several lengths of the standard structure of the module, after the split combination, and produce new varieties and specifications.
3. Integration: For certain varieties and structures of electronic scales, such as small electronic platform scales, special scales, portable static and dynamic electronic axle scales, static and dynamic electronic scales, etc., can be achieved by combining the scale and load cell into one.
4. Intelligent: electronic balance weighing display controller and electronic computer combination, the use of electronic computer intelligence to increase the function of the weighing display controller. So that the electronic balance on the basis of the original function, increase reasoning, judgement, self-diagnosis, self-adaptation, self-organisation and other functions.
In the face of the gap with the international advanced level and China’s national economy continues to develop a good situation, electronic scales can be a step further to improve.

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Post time: Mar-06-2024