conventional type 1 ton hanging scale with fixed hook and shackle

Short Description:

Sturdy and portable with the latest designs of K-series crane scale

Impact resistant all steel construction for RFI protection

Environmental LFP battery of a long life cycle

A hand-held wireless indicator is optional

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Product Parameters

Capacity: 1t-50t
Distance: 150meter or optional 300meter
Data:2900 weight data set
Maximum Safe Road 150%F.S.

Limited Overload: 400%F.S.
Overload Alarm:100% F.S.+9e
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃
Certificate: CE,GS

Product Introduction

Digital wireless crane scale is composed of two parts, a scale and a force indicator. The scale uses a patented high precision resistant-strain transducer and employs a reliable force transfer structure. Combined with the multi-function intelligent indicator, the weighing system is very capable for application in specified range of weighing operation.

Wireless Indicator  C

Compact and light weight for portable operation
Backlighting equipped LCD display for great visibility under low light operation environment.
Build-in calendar and clock
Build-in Epson micro printer that can print up to 9999 set of weighing data according to the measurement date, order or weighing sequence
Large memory space to store up to 2,900 lines of data.
Battery power level monitor for scale and indicator
Overload warning for safe operation

crane scale wireless indicator

Product Dimension


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