XZ-GLE ECO Portable Mini Crane Scale with Pear-shaped Shackle

Short Description:

Aluminum diecasting alloy housing with strength and pleasant appearance.

Used widely with pear-shaped shackle and large size hook

Giving an alert sounds when stably weighing with a build-in buzzer

Light weight design with large size LED display

Adopted with safe and secure single-piece load cell

Convenient replacement by 3 pieces of AA battery

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Capacity: 300kg-3t
Material of housing: Aluminum diecasting housing
Display: Red LED with 5 digits or green LED opptional

Maximum Safe Load: 150%F.S.
Limited Overload: 400%F.S.
Overload Alarm:100% F.S.+9e
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃
Certificate: CE, GS

Product Description

Crane scales can be used to weigh items in a way that saves space (i.e there is no space on the floor required for a weighing scale) and to ensure cranes are not overloaded. It is widely used in factories, warehouses and industrial-based environments.

GLE model is a dry-battery model, which USES a standard 3-pcs AA dry battery. This model has the advantage of being able to deliver by air. The capacity range covers from 300kg to 3t. The case is made of high strength die-cast aluminum alloy, with pleasant appearance and light weight. The back cover of the battery is a stainless steel screw that can be unscrewed by hand and is fixed on the back over to avoid missing when replacing the battery by users.Meanwhlie, it is convenient for anyone to replace the battery. Pear-shaped shackles and large-size hooks are appropriate for wider range of applications. The all-in-one load cell made by Blue Arrow is safe, reliable and maintenance-free. Moreover, this product has passed German GS safety certification and CE certification by SGS.

There are three keys on the panel, from left to right, the ZERO key, the precision SWITCH key and the HOLD key. As for the HOLD function, when the weighing value remains unchanged, the data indicated on the display will automatically ''frozen'' until the HOLD key is pressed. Together with the scale is our wide angle infrared remote control, which the effective control distance can reach about 15 meters, offering a save and convenient way for users in hard conditions. The three function keys on the remote control are the same as those on the scale body. The remote control is powered by 2 pcs of batteries.

More functions are in the sub-menu, such as alarm, peak hold, unit switch, auto off etc. Our technical department can customize the software version according to customers' different requirements.

Please contact us for futher information.

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