Impact resistant electronic hanging scale with environmental LFP battery

Short Description:

New designed K series crane scale, sturdy and portable

Impact resistant all steel construction for RFI protection

Long-life enviromental LFP battery for scale

matched with hand held wireless indicator

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Capacity: 1t-50t
Distance: 150meter or optional 300meter
Data:2900 weight data set
Maximum Safe Road 150%F.S.

Limited Overload: 400%F.S.
Overload Alarm:100% F.S.+9e
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃
Certificate: CE,GS

Product Introduction

Digital wireless crane scale is composed of two parts, a scale and a force indicator. The scale uses a patented high precision resistant-strain transducer and employs a reliable force transfer structure. Combined with the multi-function intelligent indicator, the weighing system is very capable for application in specified range of weighing operation.

Hand-held Indicator  PII

smart hand-held wireless indicator with 32 optional frequency points

OLED dot matrix display makes customized interface boot-up available

broad range of working temperature, no delay in displaying the weighing data under low temperature

unique frequency sweeping function, supporting fastmatch and indicator mutual exchanging

perform as the weighing indicator or dynamometer byreceiving the data transmitted from the A/D converter

handheld indicator
wireless handheld indicator

Product Dimension


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