Full stainless steel shell hanging scale with higher level of anti-corrosion

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a full stainless steel shell hanging scale, higher lever of anti-corrosion, dustproof, waterproof and antimagnetic, broaden the application occasions

Innovative top-open battery cover, makes it easy to replace the battey, also eliminate the side door damage and the risk of throwing the battery outside

The external hanging scale switch allows users to get the power consumption status easily

Built-in blue arrow weighing company integrated crane scale special sensor, with stable and reliable performance

The modular design of the battery and A/D compartment makes maintenance simple


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Product Parameters

Capacity: 1t-20t
Transmission Distance: 150 meter or optional 300 meter
Data:2900 weight data set
Maximum Safe Road: 150%F.S.

Limited Overload: 400%F.S.
Overload Alarm:100% F.S.+9e
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃
Certificate: CE,RED

Product Description

Digital wireless crane scale is composed of two parts, a scale and a force indicator. The scale uses a patented high precision resistant-strain transducer and employs a reliable force transfer structure. Combined with the multi-function intelligent indicator, the weighing system is very capable for application in specified range of weighing operation.


Compact and light weight for portable operation
Backlighting equipped LCD display for great visibility under low light operation environment.
Build-in calendar and clock
Build-in Epson micro printer that can print up to 9999 set of weighing data according to the measurement date, order or weighing sequence
Large memory space to store up to 2,900 lines of data.
Battery power level monitor for scale and indicator
Overload warning for safe operation

crane scale wireless indicator

Product Dimensions

crane scale wireless large screenboard

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