Chargeable(type-c) crane scale with wireless indicator or bluetooth app optional

Short Description:

Microdiecasting aluminum-magnesium alloy housing, light weight anti-dust and anti-magnetic
Super bright 5 digit red LED display with 25mm letter height
Fixed hook and shackle
Lithuim battery design with type C charger
Division and unit conversion
Units selectable with kg, kN, lb
Adopted with 6V/4.5Ah rechargeable lithuim battery

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Product Parameters

Capacity: 1000kg ~5000kg
Accuracy: OIML R76
Time to stable reading: <8s
Maximum safe load 150% F.S.

Limited overload 400% F.S.
Overload alarm 100% F.S. +9e
Operating temperature -10°C~55°C

Product Description

Designed with fixed hook and shackle, BLE crane scale features anti-dust and magnetic which housing is made of aluminium-magnesium alloy.

Due to its light weight, it is portable to take the unit from equipment storage room to workshop area.
We suppose you may be interested in the battery compartment design, the battery cover can be easily opened with one slot screwdriver even with your home key.

The 6V/4.5Ah lead-acid rechargeable battey can be taken out to charge with its type C charger. (desk-top type charger combined with transformer and power plug).

The electronic crane scale combines reliable, advanced electrical hardware with good software. Using AT-89 series micro-processor and high speed, high precision A/D conversion technology, this series of scale has a specially designed jittering compensation circuitry so they can reach steady state quickly with strong anti interference capability.

This series of scales can be used for weighing application in commercial trade, mines, storage and transportations.

The keypad includes those keys such as Zero, Switch Hold. (Note: The above keys can be used in sub-menu to set up Kg-lb conversion, Beeper On/Off, Zeroing etc.)

Product Details

Max Capacity

















Q: what’s the power source of this model?
A: 6V/3.2Ah lead-acid rechargeable battery, the battery once fully charged , can be used for 30 hours.

Q: can I take out the battery to charge?
A: yes, this type is designed with plug-in battery and can be taken out.

Q: can I change the units kg to lb?
A: yes, you can switch the units by using the IR control or just press the button on the scale body.

Q: how many buttons in the front display?
A: total 3 with light touch key.

Q: what’s the division of 2t?
A: normal 1kg, selectable 0.5kg.

Q: does this model get any certificate?
A: EMC RoHS aprroved.

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