XZ-KAE Dual Screen Crane Scale 50t Heavy Duty Weighing Machine

Short Description:

  • The dual screen display allows you to get information from different angles
  • The solid steel construction has strong abilities of dust-proof, water-proof and anti-magnetic
  • Adopt with specialized pull force load cell which has the advantages of long life-cycle, high accuracy and quality
  • 30mm LED displayfor KAE model with multi function of Hold, Tare, Zero, etc.
  • Variety of accessories and function module help the scale to satisfy with different customers on kinds of industries.

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Product Parameters

Capacity: 5t-50t
Material of housing: Aluminum diecasting housing
Display: Red LED with 5 digits or green LED opptional

Maximum Safe Road 150%F.S.
Limited Overload: 400%F.S.
Overload Alarm:100% F.S.+9e
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃

Product Description

The powerful crane scale XZ-KAE has a variety of functions: Hold, switch division and Zero. It has a weighing range of 5 000 kg to 50 000kg. With an accuracy of 1/3000 to 1/6000. The weighing scale weighs heavy loads reliably and precisely. You can switch effortlessly between the weighing units kg and lb.

The individual measured values can be clearly seen at any time on the easy-to-read LED display with a digit height of 40 mm. All necessary keys for problem-free and easy use are easily accessible.

The included remote control supports you in your daily work with the crane scale and transfers all data to the scale. You can easily operate and control this scale even from a distance of 30 m.

This KAE crane scale is the most robust scale on the market for marine and industrial weighing, able to capture weight with ± 0.1% accuracy with a standard capacity.
An IP66 aluminum enclosure stands up to moisture in marine and washdown environments. Sensitive electronic components are sealed off and well-protected, including the sleek and vibrant LED display. Featuring programmable brightness control, the display ensures users have access to the weight data they need—in any light condition.

In highly regulated marine applications, meeting safety requirements is crucial. KAE scale features a 200% Safe and 500% Ultimate Safety Factor, minimizing the risk of accidents from overloading. KAE is built to perform reliably for every catch with extended battery life up to 1,00 hours. Timed auto-off and auto-sleep modes conserve power when the unit is not in use, meaning users are never surprised by a dead battery.

Choose equipment that works as hard as you do with the KAE crane scale, designed with dockside weighing in mind.

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Product Display

dual display crane scale-1
dual dsiplay crane scale-3



Q: what’s the power source of this model?
A: 6V/4.5Ah lead-acid rechargeable battery, the battery once fully charged , can be used for 30 hours
Q: can I use my mobile phone to zeroing while using bluetooth APP?
A: yes, besides the unit can realize tare, hold and total function
Q: can I change the units kg to lb?
A: yes, you can switch the units by using the IR control or just press the button on the scale body.
Q: how many working status can be showed in the front display?
A: including TARE, HOLD, STABLE
Q: what’s the division of 3t?
A: normal 1kg, selectable 0.5kg
Q: does this model get any certificate?
A: EMC RoHS aprroved

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