Q-Z(Q) Load Cell for Railway Weighing Vehicle Load Detection

Short Description:

Q-Z(Q) is a kind of  load cell for detecting overload and unbalanced load of the train cargo.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Capacity: 5t~25t

Precision: 0.1%F.S

Range of application: heavy rail

Limited overload: N/A

Maximum Load: N/A

Overload alarm: N/A

Product Description

The Q-Z orbital load cell consists of two components. The wheel weight of the passing train can be directly detected by installing the load cell between the two railway sleepers, two spaced taper holes on the rail web.

Two sets of load cell can be used for measurement, and four sets of load cell are required for bogie measurement.

The simple structure of the railway weighing load cell is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises to detect the load of vehicles, as well as coke oven coal tower truck and cement tank truck and other weighing.

The Q-ZQ can be used by a single load cell.


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