BSL Weighing Load Cell for Truck Scale maximum 250klb

Short Description:

The BSL is designed for truck scales, hopper scales, rail weighbridge and other electronic weighing facilities.

Key features:

Load rating: 250klb

Protection class: IP67

Nickel plating(H9C)

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameters

Precision: ≥0.5

Material: stainless steel

Protection class: IP67

Limited overload: 300% F.S.

Maximum Load: 150% F.S.

Overload alarm: 100% F.S.

Product Description

Load rating klb 5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60/75/90/100/150/200/250
Precision class C3 C3
Maximum number of verification scale interval nmax 3000 4000
Minimum value of verification scale interval Vmin Emax/10000 Emax/14000
Combined error %F.S ≤±0.020 ≤±0.020
Creep(30 mins) %F.S ≤±0.016 ≤±0.016
Influence of temperature on output sensitivity %F.S/10℃ ≤±0.011 ≤±0.011
Influence of temperature on zero point %F.S/10℃ ≤±0.015 ≤±0.015
Output sensitivity mV/N 3.0±0.008
Input inpedance Ω 700±7
Output inpedance Ω 703±4
Insulation resistance ≥5000(50VDC)
Zero point output %F.S ≤+1.0
Compensation range of temperature -10~+40
Safe overload %F.S 150
Ultimate overload %F.S 300


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