“Innovation-Driven Development Blue Arrow Anti-Cheating Electronic Weighing Scale Project Successfully Included in the Zhejiang Provincial New Product Trial Production Plan (Second Batch) Project List

The problem of cheating on electronic scales has been exsit for a long time, and the cheating methods are relatively hidden, which has caused various social problems. As a state-owned enterprise specializing in the production and manufacturing of weighing equipment (including electronic crane scales, sensors, and customized engineering services), Blue Arrow Scale has maintained a good reputation in the industry by virtue of the excellent quality of its brand products. The company is committed to driving high-quality development through innovation and fulfilling its mission as a state-owned enterprise. Actively participate in discussions on anti-cheating solutions for electronic scales and propose independent research and development plans.

The Blue Arrow technical team went deep into the trading market to conduct market research, investigating the use of electronic scales and ways of cheating through multiple channels. They proposed a preliminary development concept for anti-cheating electronic scales. During the testing and verification process of the anti-cheating scale prototype, the technical team encountered a technical bottleneck. Company leaders attach great importance to this issue and promptly hold technical seminars to try to solve the problem. Subsequently, a group of technical engineers were sent to the Electronic Research Institute of Fudan University in Shanghai to discuss technical solutions with experts and engineers from the institute, and to re-adjust and verify the prototype. After the unremitting efforts of the company’s technical team and external technical experts and engineers, the verification prototype was finally completed.

The successful trial production of the anti-cheating scale prototype represents a major breakthrough of Blue Arrow Scale in the field of commercial scales, inspiring and promoting technological innovation. At the work exchange meeting with the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Metrology, our company’s technical R&D engineer Gu Linde demonstrated the results of the anti-cheating project in the form of PPT, which was highly praised by the leaders in the meeting.

At the beginning of 2024, the technical team from Blue Arrow applied to the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology for the “Provincial New Product Trial Production Plan” project and was successfully selected. The“New Product Trial Production Plan” is a policy support plan designed to enhance the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises and promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. This selection is just the beginning. We believe that the united and enterprising Blue Arrow team will continue to improve the company’s core capabilities and sustainable development

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Post time: Jun-05-2024