Concentrate on the development and attack the difficulties to seek breakthroughs

On 6th March, 2024, Zhejiang Blue Arrow Weighing Technology Co. The meeting was guided by Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, comprehensively implemented the 20th CPC National Congress and the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 15th Provincial Party Committee, conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference, the Provincial Party Committee’s economic work conference and the Provincial Enterprises’ Work Conference, refined the implementation of the overall requirements of the Second Party Congress of Zhejiang Mechatronics Group, and announced that the work conference on the construction of anti-corruption and integrity building and the “four governance and four promotion” style construction special action to promote the work conference of 2024 “four governance and four promotion” style construction special action to promote the spirit of the meeting, review and summarise the work of Blue Arrow Company in 2023, and study and deploy the work tasks in 2024.

Participants focused on studying the speech of General Secretary Lian Jun in 2024 at the anti-corruption and integrity building work conference and “four governance and four promotion” style of construction of special action to promote the speech, he stressed three aspects of the key ideas: First, the “political” in the first place. Build a solid ideological foundation, unswervingly strong party spirit, heavy practice; second is to “seek development” as the first priority, dare to light up the sword of the difficulties, to attack the new situation, build new work; third is to “strong party building” as a favourable guarantee, to stimulate the power of advancement, the only real first courageous to take charge of The third is to take “strong party building” as a favourable guarantee, to stimulate the power of progress, the only practical and courageous to take the lead. At the same time, for the work of the new year, he put forward five aspects of focus: First, to build a strategic implementation system, play the spirit of nails to grasp the implementation of the implementation of the spirit of grabbing orders to stabilise the scale of the implementation of the implementation of the “spirit of the four thousand Second, dance the marketing “dragon head”, carry forward the “four thousand” spirit to grab orders and stabilise the scale, cultivate the new kinetic energy of the development of turning direction, adjusting the structure and excellent mode; Third, promote in-depth change and reshaping, adhere to the systematic thinking to speed up the reform and innovation, forging the new advantages of the development of excellent governance, strong innovation, and number of smart row; Fourth, make every effort to attack the key tasks, focusing on the main issues and joint efforts to tackle the problems, and run out of the key to focus on the key to focus on the key to seek tangible results of the solution to the problem of the new speed; Fifth, give full play to the advantages of party building, service centre to cohesion of the overall situation of the power to forge ahead, and cultivate political, heavy practical work, and promote the positive spirit of diligence and integrity of the new style.

According to the spirit of the meeting, general manager Xu Jie stressed that in accordance with the deployment of the group’s second party congress and annual work conference, grasp the work, and strive to promote high-quality development to achieve new results. Firstly, we should take the initiative to act and lean forward. Secondly, we should work hard and seek practical results. Third, we must implement the responsibility, keep the bottom line. All the staff of Blue Arrow should further deepen their understanding, solidify their responsibilities, raise their standards, and promote the key work of the company in 2024 with high quality. After the report, Xu Jie made 2024 annual general manager’s work report – “Concentrate on seeking development, conquer difficulties and seek breakthroughs” speech, the report fully affirmed the achievements made by Blue Arrow in 2023, and the short boards and shortcomings of the past work from four aspects of analysis: First, the ability of scientific and technological innovation is not strong; Second, a single mode of operation; Third, the modern enterprise system is imperfect; Fourth, the talent team is weak. The company also made an analysis of the work in 2024. And the work of 2024 made a clear planning and deployment, focusing on the following six aspects of work: First, to develop new business, planning for new development; Second, to strengthen the value creation, to create a full sales; Third, for the professional and technical personnel, the establishment of a special incentive mechanism; Fourth, to strengthen the support of talent, to accelerate the gathering of high-quality talent; Fifth, to strengthen the work of safety production, strengthen the safety of the inventory control; Sixth, to Strengthening the party building leadership, and consolidate the work of the party branch. Xu Jie stressed that, standing at a new starting point, every Blue Arrow person should bear in mind that “practical work achieves the future”, the horn of the new journey has been blown, and the prelude of the new struggle has been opened. Let us unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, under the correct leadership of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the provincial SASAC and the Group, and with the new state and new bearing and new style, we will work out a new look and new behaviour and new performance.

Post time: Mar-11-2024