200t Crane Scale Calibration Machine

In order to meet the rapid development needs of the enterprise, as well as the growing demand for order production, Zhejiang Blue Arrow Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. has recently introduced two sets of new high-precision and large-scale calibration equipment, which can meet the demand for calibration and testing of up to 200 tonnes, and will help the company to reach a new level in calibration and testing of high-precision, high-rigidity and high-bearing aspects.
December 18th two new equipments has been located in the new calibration workshop, is currently in the equipment installation and commissioning, will soon be put into use. This initiative will significantly increase the calibration testing load capacity, improve the level of testing, and create more efficient testing needs for customers.
Blue Arrow Weighing has been focusing on its own development, firmly on the road of continuous innovation, we look forward to the new equipment put into use, looking forward to the company in the field of calibration and testing of greater action. Let the core values of Blue Arrow Weighing “do fine and excellent electronic crane scale, provide accurate measurement for the world” lead us forward!

scale calibration machine crane scale machine

crane scale calibration machine

Post time: Dec-19-2023