Force Dynamometer Testing Machine Load Link LCD display with back light 0.5t – 50t

Short Description:

●Strong and light dynamometer to weigh the force of gravity or the pulling force

●Power supply: 3×AA batteries

●Superior alloy steel, preferable to dynamometers with larger capacity

●In weighing the pulling force, the dynamometer has the functions of peak value hold, overload alarm and stable weight indication.

●In weighing the force of gravity, the dynamometer support kg/lb conversion and tare, zero functions

●6 digit 18mm wide angle LCD display with LED backlighting

●With remote control which could be safer and more convient.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Capacity: 0.5t- 50t
Accuracy: OIML R76
Maximum Safe Road 150%F.S.

Limited Overload: 300%F.S.
Overload Alarm:100% F.S.+9e
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃

Product Description

Our ASP dynamometer is made of high quality alloy steel sensor, which is durable and high pecision. The shell is inlayed in the sensor, which plays a good role of anti-collision protection. The shell is surrounded by fully sealed plastic, which plays a waterproof and dustproof effect. The load meter use a 6-digit 18mm LCD display with backlight, suitable for a variety of environments.

When our dynamometer is used for weight measurement, it can realize kg/lb switch just like the crane scale. When used in tension test, it can realize the functions such as peak holding and live force value checking(A peak hold function allows the peak weight to be held and displayed even after the load has been removed.). There are three buttons on the panel, the zero button on the left, the peak button in the middle, and the off button on the right. We also come with a wide-angle infrared remote control that keeps you away from dangerous areas .

There is a wireless indicator come with the load cell, which can be palm indicator PII or PIII, and the operating distance can reach around 150 meters. The meter can not only display weighing data, but also store and accumulate the data.

Product Display

CLY-ASP4 20t

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